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Kaerik RagaMuffins has Regretfully Retired From Breeding. To Visit Other RagaMuffin Breeders, please Visit The RagaMuffin Kitten Breeders Society.


Northeast RagaMuffin Breeder - the "Teddy Bear" of the Cat World

Welcome to Kaerik RagaMuffins! We are a RagaMuffin breeder located in Chester County, Pennsylvania.  The RagaMuffin cat breed is truly the best breed of cat we have ever had the pleasure of loving.  We actually did not intend to start breeding RagaMuffins.  We were searching for a cat breed that had a puppy-like personality as we were mourning the loss of our 17-year-old female cat.  We fell in love with the RagaMuffin cat breed when we first saw them featured in an issue of Cat Fancy Magazine as “Gentle Giants.” The RagaMuffins come in so many colors and patterns! Looking through the magazine, we noticed there was a RagaMuffin cattery about ten minutes from us!  This was pretty exciting because there are not a ton of RagaMuffin breeders.  At that time there were several RagaMuffin breeders in Pennsylvania, but to find one so close was a lucky day for us! We called the breeder up and she told us she had just started with the breed and had no kittens at the current time.  Her RagaMuffin cats were getting close to breeding age.  We were just so taken with the look and the description of the RagaMuffin temperament, we decided to be patient and wait.


It was close to two years later and we received an email from the breeder informing us that she had a litter of RagaMuffins that were about eight weeks old at the time,  She asked if we would like to visit.  Well, we were at her house in no time flat!  We walked in her front door to see a litter of adorable kittens chasing each other up and down the stairs.   We immediately noticed the imp of the litter, who had red spots on her ears and was flying through the air.  We asked the breeder about her and she said she was the only female in the litter and she was thinking of keeping her to breed.   I jumped up and said, "I will breed her!"  I had some experience breeding doll-faced Himalayans years before.  When the breeder thought about it, she agreed and we were ecstatic!  We adopted the lovely Seal Silver Lynx Point and White gorgeous girl featured in the photo below and instantly fell in love with these floppy, puppy-like cats. Her name is Majestic Rags Jeté, which fit her perfectly because it is a ballet jump. Jeté did not agree with the "experts" that said RagaMuffins are not athletic.  She would do 360-degree flips, run towards a wall and bounce off it and jump to catch a toy that was placed up high for her.  The breeder brought Jeté to our home when she was 12 weeks old.  She was placed in a "safe room" so she could have time to bond with us and get used to her new home.  The breeder and I spoke for a while and the entire time Jeté was howling for attention. I was going to keep her in the safe room for two weeks, but Jeté decided she was the boss and came right out of her "safe room" with not one ounce of trepidation.  She was ready to explore, play and generally go nuts! 


It was at that time that we began the wonderful journey of breeding RagaMuffins. Jeté was our door greeter as she wanted to meet anyone that came to visit.  She loved being told she was beautiful, and at 17 years old in February 2020, she still loved it!  She was very smart and would make sure that she broke up any "cat spats" by standing between the two cats that were having a disagreement.  They totally respected her and the cat spat stopped right away.  She gave me kitty kisses whenever I asked, and often when I did not ask.  She was truly my "heart baby."  Jete crossed the Rainbow Bridge in May 2020.  I have never loved any cat like I loved Jete and it breaks my heart that she is not with me anymore.  We had a "special bond" that I never had with any of my other kitties since I was a young girl.  I don't think I will ever stop grieving the loss of my heart baby, my special unique lovable baby who was more like a human than a cat.  Jete, my sweet baby, I will love you always and hold you close to my heart.


I have learned a lot through all these years of breeding and I really enjoy helping newer breeders and "parents" of my kitties.  For useful tips on caring for your kitten, please review the information on caring for your RagaMuffin kittens.  Make a cup of tea (or coffee) and relax as you browse through our website and visit the wonderful world of the Teddy Bear of the cat world. We love this breed and enjoy any opportunity to talk about our kitties, so please feel free to contact us with any questions that you have. We hope you enjoy our site and obtain some useful information about RagaMuffins and cats in general.  Visit our page featuring our Available Kittens for sale, as well as all our other pages that provide information about this fabulous breed. Visit with our RagaMuffin Cats that are members of our family and produce adorable kittens. From time to time, we will have adult RagaMuffin cats available that are retired from breeding. Please visit with them on our Adult page.  We also LOVE the color purple, as you will be able to tell as you peruse our website!  Information on adopting one of our very special babies can be found on the Acquiring a Kitten Page.

One of the many great things about this cat breed is the incredible sweet expression they have.  This is due to a combination of the puffiness of the whisker pads and large walnut shape expressive eyes.  The result is that RagaMuffin adults still look like kittens.  The incredible variety of available colors and patterns are sure to please anyone looking at different cat breeds.  They are irresistible and you just want to kiss those sweet faces all day (and tummies too)!  The temperament of the breed is also special.  They adore their "parents" and often will follow you from room to room or compete for a spot on your bed to sleep with you at night.  We have had a couple of other cat breeds as pets, but honestly, there is nothing like being owned by a RagaMuffin!


There are very few breeders of this wonderful kitty, and many people ask us, "how can I find a RagaMuffin breeder near me?" I am always happy to refer people that ask to the closest breeder to them.


Kaerik RagaMuffins is an American Cat Fanciers Association and Cat Fanciers Association registered RagaMuffin breeder. We are also a member of the RagaMuffin cat club called The RagaMuffin Kitten Breeders Society.  All of our kittens and cats are registered with both the ACFA and CFA.  Our cats can be found in many pedigrees of the sweet doll-faced RagaMuffins of other breeders of RagaMuffins.  


                              Jeté - February 2003 - May 2020

                                         Forever in My Heart

Jete seal lynx tortie point ragamuffin

My Sweet Very First RagaMuffin - Jeté
There Will Never Be a Cat as Special and Unique as Jeté 

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