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RagaMuffin Kittens Behavior Training

Controlling Your RagaMuffin Kitten's Behavior

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No one can ever claim that he or she can totally control their cat! However, in order to teach your kittens that certain behaviors are unacceptable, there are several methods you can use in behavior training. You can tell the kitten "no," firmly, but do not yell at them. Clapping your hands together (but not loudly), while saying "no" is also effective. I have found that behavior training for my RagaMuffin kittens and cats is no different from training a child.  Be consistent.  Never hit your cat. They will get the message. For example, if your kitten gets up on tables where you do not want them, and they are not listening to any of your commands, say no firmly and pick them up and take them off the table. They may immediately jump up again! Be persistent and they will get the message.  I have used this method to get my RagaMuffins off tables and counters and eventually, I say "down" and point, and they listen......if they feel like it!


Try telling your RagaMuffin kittens "no", removing them from whatever situation they were involved in that is not acceptable and then distract, distract, distract!  Cats learn very quickly and how fast they will learn to listen to your directions depends a lot on the temperament of the kitten.  I have some that I will just tell them, "get off the table" and they listen. Others will give me a look that is clearly intended to say, "yeah, make me."  

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