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RagaMuffin Kittens Dental Care

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Many cats need preventive dental care by the time they are two to three years old. You can reduce the frequency of scaling and polishing that will be needed for your RagaMuffins if you perform routine dental care at home to prevent tartar build up on your cat's teeth. The best time to begin dental care is while your RagaMuffin is still a kitten. Routine dental care will help prolong the health and life of your pet. The best way of removing plaque and preventing dental disease at home is brushing the teeth. Ideally, you should brush your cat's teeth daily. Brushing removes plaque on the outside of the crown (above-gum portion) of the tooth, and stimulates the gums to keep them healthy. Keep in mind that even with routine dental care at home, plaque can still build up below the gum line, so an annual examination of your cat is important for his or her teeth and to check that your RagaMuffin cat is otherwise healthy.

Tips for Beginning Dental Care for Your RagaMuffin Kittens

Buy a finger brush and toothpaste designed for pets. Do not use a human brush or even a pet brush on a stick; these can severely injure the gums without you knowing it. Do not use human toothpaste for your RagaMuffin.



Cats love having their faces rubbed at the corners of the mouth, so begin by gently rubbing in that area without the finger brush. Just use your hand. Do this several times a day and each time you rub, run your index finger a little farther forward along the lip. If your kitten reacts negatively, back off and go more slowly.



As your kitten accepts your finger being rubbed along the lips, gradually slip your index finger under the lip and massage the gum gently. Again, if your kitten objects, back off and proceed slowly. You don't want your kitten to associate his or her dental care as an unpleasant experience. After your kitten has accepted rubbing of his or her gums with your finger, put a little toothpaste on your finger. The cat toothpaste is flavored and most cats find it highly palatable.

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The next step is to put the finger brush on your finger with a little toothpaste. This will be only slightly different from what you've been doing and should be accepted by your RagaMuffins but if they object, remove the finger brush and go back to using your finger with the toothpaste. You can also use a piece of damp gauze with the toothpaste as a substitute for the finger brush. Your RagaMuffin kittens may find the gauze more acceptable than the finger brush. It's best to brush every day since plaque builds up every day. You only need to brush the outer gums, not the side of the teeth that are on the side of the tongue.


Oral rinses, gels, and water additives will not control plaque by themselves.  One product for helping to get rid of tartar and keeping the teeth and gums healthy is a treat called C.E.T. Forte Chews. For cats, they come in poultry and fish flavors. They have a fibrous texture and are impregnated with helpful enzymes that keep the gums healthy. For best results, give one chew per day. This should not take the place of brushing your RagaMuffin cat's teeth, as this treat alone will not remove all tartar build up.


Another product that has gotten good reports is Wysong's “Denta-Treat”. It is a cheese-flavored powder that you can sprinkle on the pet's food.


Failure to provide appropriate dental care can result in health risks for your RagaMuffin kittens and RagaMuffin cats. Bacteria can enter the bloodstream and result in infection in critical organs. In addition, decayed and abscessed teeth are very painful and may hinder the animal from taking in enough nourishment.

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