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RagaMuffin Kittens Diet and Nutrition

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Cats are obligate carnivores. As a result, the nutritional needs of your RagaMuffins are different from dogs and their diet and nutrition should be based on their needs. Obligate carnivores are biologically designed to get most of their nutritional requirements from animal-based proteins, as opposed to plant-based proteins. This means that cats need animal meat and organs, as opposed to grain and vegetables to meet their nutritional requirements. Cats do not possess the enzymes that some other species (including humans) have in order to process and get the benefit required from plant-based proteins.

While your RagaMuffin kittens have been living with us, they have been eating Nature's Variety Instincts Chicken Formula, Salmon and Duck canned food and and Nature's Variety Instincts Chicken Formula dry food. I will supply samples of all foods your kitten has been eating when you pick your kitten up but please make sure that you have some on hand before you bring your kitten home. Natures Variety Instincts canned is nutrient dense with vitamins, minerals, fats and fatty acids essential for optimal health of your cat. Nature's Variety Instincts canned is rich in powerful antioxidants. Nature's Variety Instincts does not contain corn, wheat, dairy, by-products, artificial colors or flavors found in other leading brands.

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Your kitten will do best if they remain on the same diet they were on before you adopted them. I also encourage 'Muffin adopters to feed more canned than dry food. Most dry foods are too high in carbohydrate and too low in moisture. The cat is an obligate carnivore, and as such, canned food is closer to its natural diet. Water is very important to your RagaMuffins. Cats do not have a strong thirst drive when compared to some other species. This makes it imperative that they have a diet that is water-rich. A cat that is fed mostly dry food could wind up with chronic low-level dehydration.


I do not feed my adult RagaMuffin cats dry food.  My adult cats eat only canned food, because I believe this is much better for their health. However, while your new RagaMuffin is still a kitten (until about one year old), they have higher calorie requirements, so please leave the dry food bowl down and full at all times, in addition to canned food for breakfast and dinner. As they mature, slowly increase their canned food intake, gradually offering larger portions at each meal time and decrease and eventually eliminate any dry food from their diet.


I highly recommend the book, “ Your Cat ” by Elizabeth M. Hodgins, DVM. This book provides information with respect to diet and other important issues related to your cat's health.

Water:  Fresh water should always be available. It is best to use stainless steel or crockery ware since the use of plastic dishes can cause chin acne. Some household water can cause crystals in the urine. Dry food can also be a culprit in causing crystals in your kitten's bladder.  The use of filtered water, if possible, is preferred.  I use the Neater Feeder for kittens to avoid spills on the floor. While they are so young and active, they may play with their water bowl, or just knock into inadvertently, spilling water over your floor. The use of the Neater Feeder avoids this and I love the fact that I am not constantly mopping up messes from kitten craziness!



Cat Treats:  Pet adopters often ask me what treats are healthy for their kittens. I highly recommend Halo Liv a Littles chicken as kitty treats. The Halo Liv a Littles is freeze-dried chickens. Your kitty will love them and they can be used to help you train your RagaMuffin kittens.

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