ragamuffin kittens paw print
ragamuffin kittens paw print

Grooming Your RagaMuffin Kittens

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The hair of your RagaMuffin should be combed in the direction the fur grows, not against it. Use the comb at a 45-degree angle to your kitten's body to avoid "raking" the skin. Start getting your kittens used to the comb as soon as possible. Regular grooming (one to twice per week) will greatly reduce shedding and hairballs. Using a metal comb, with the wider teeth for the body and the finer teeth for around your kitty's head, is the best tool for grooming and removing dead hair on long-haired cats. If necessary, after combing or brushing, a quick wipe with a damp washcloth will remove those stragglers that cling to the coat.



A kitten's nails will need to be clipped more often than an adult cat. Kittens usually need their nails clipped every one to two weeks and adults every three to four weeks. Neglect of clipping nails can cause the nails to grow back into the paw pad. Your RagaMuffin kittens will usually resist having their nails clipped, though I have clipped them weekly since your kitten was two weeks old. The best time to clip nails is right after a nap when your kitten is not so playful. You may have to clip a few nails at a sitting, but eventually, they will get used to it. When clipping your kitten's nails, be careful not to cut into the "quick," which is the pink part of the nail. We recommend a nail clipper that you hold like scissors, as it gives you more control over cutting the kitten's nails and is less likely to split the nail.


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