ragamuffin kittens paw print
ragamuffin kittens paw print

Litter Boxes and Litter for Your RagaMuffin Kittens

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With small kittens, I suggest that you have a couple of litter boxes placed at strategic intervals in your house. If your house has more than one level, there should be at least one box on each level. It can be difficult for a young kitten to make it from one end of the house to the other “in time.” I advise using open litter boxes as they will not retain odors that could affect your kitten's enthusiasm for using the litter box.   AIso, if you have other pets, your RagaMuffin kittens will be more comfortable if they can see what is around the litter box and they will not feel trapped. You should have one litter box for each cat in your household, plus one additional litter box. Depending upon the number of floors in your house, you may need more litter boxes than this. I use World's Best Cat litter for my kittens while training them to use the litter box. Once they have been litter trained, I switch to Arm & Hammer Slide cat litter.  It does not stick to the bottom of the litter box and is low dust.  Please DO NOT get the scented litter!!  Cats' sense of smell is acute and the scented litters may cause them to refuse to use the litter box.  It will be easier on your kitten if you start her or him out with the same litter he/she has been using. If you change litters, do so gradually, so that your kitten has a chance to get used to using something new. Cats prefer the clumping litter, because it is softer on their paws. Cats do not like scented litter. The litter should be scooped at least twice per day (more often if you have multiple cats). Cats do not like dirty litter boxes and the best way to avoid house soiling is to keep the litter box clean. A total litter change should be done at least monthly and the litter box should be cleaned and disinfected with each change. Litter boxes should be changed out on an annual basis. When a cat scratches to cover up, they leave scratch marks in the bottom of the litter box. Over time, the scratches in the litter box will cause the box to retain odors, which your RagaMuffin cat will find unpleasant.


If a kitty has a lapse in remembering to use the litter box, I add a couple of handfuls of Cat Attract litter or Kitten Attract litter to the litter box. It contains herbs that attract the kitty. It is available at PetSmart and on the web.

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