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Our RagaMuffin Cats

blue sepia tabby ragamuffin cat
blue cram mink ragamuffin kittens

This is Kaerik Rags Starburst.  Starburst is a blue sepia classic tabby and white RagaMuffin cat with beautiful large deep green eyes, a full muzzle, and strong chin.  She purrs when you look at her and is very sweet. She likes to talk to me and a couple of my girls have decided to welcome her home.  She is a nice-sized girl with big boning and a wonderful coat.  She has the sweet expression that draws everyone to the RagaMuffin breed. 

This is Kaerik Rags Opal.  Opal is a blue cream mink & white RagaMuffin kitten and future queen.  She considers herself my helper and "helps" me scoop litter boxes and clean the house.  She loves to jump up my leg as I am walking and running under my feet as I am walking down the stairs is a favorite game she engages in.  We adore her sweet inquisitive personality and look forward to her kittens in the future.  Opal is a daughter of Starburst and takes after her mommy with a loud purr machine. 

ragamuffin cats paw prints
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