purple kitten paw print
purple kitten paw print

Play Time and Toys for Your RagaMuffin Kittens 

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Your RagaMuffin Kittens will love to have a place to take catnaps and relax.  This cat condo provides your kitten with two options for relaxing, and also provides sisal rope for your kitty to use as a scratching post.  Your kitten will love you for it!


I have also used the toys listed below with my RagaMuffin kittens and RagaMuffin cats.



Catnip cigars - my cats LOVE these catnip cigars. Not all catnip is created equal. I keep a few of these around to bring my RagaMuffins pleasure. You can order more than one and store them in your freezer to keep them fresh.


Da Bird Catcher – this is a teaser that never fails to entertain my cats. Remember not to leave teasers out with your cats unattended. They will get needed exercise and interaction with you from playing with this toy.


Undercover Mouse Cat Toy – this battery-operated toy entertains all my felines. They are intrigued by the movement under the nylon cover. However, I find that it takes my most rambunctious felines only a few moments before they have dislodged the “teaser” part of the toy, necessitating stopping the toy, reattaching the teaser and then starting it again. I would like to see the teaser part better attached so that it did not come apart so easily.


Turbo Scratcher – this is a great toy for cats. They can't seem to resist batting the ball around the circle, and the middle also provides your cat with a great cardboard scratching post. The middle cardboard section is replaceable for when your kitten has worn it out.


Play and Squeak Mouse – My kittens LOVE this toy. My adult RagaMuffin cats also really enjoy the squeak sound this toy makes when batted around. This is one toy that will keep your kitty entertained.


Smart Cat Peek a Prize Toy Box - My kittens love this toy and it will provide them with lots of exercise and entertainment. I find my adult RagaMuffin cats don't play with this toy much, but the kittens love it.


Incredible Motor Mouse – The kittens love the mouse running around in circles and my RagaMuffin adults can't resist this one either. Since this is motorized, this is a great toy for when you are worn out after playing with your kittens with Da Bird Catcher! It also provides a surface for your kitten or cat to use for scratching.




A good practice with any toys you buy for your RagaMuffin is to put it away occasionally, and then when you take it out a couple of months later, it will be like you just bought them a brand new toy!

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