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The RagaMuffin Kittens Breed

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The RagaMuffin cat breed is an extremely affectionate, puppy-like cat breed. I like to call the RagaMuffin cat breed the diamond of the cat world.  They like to follow their people around the house and keep them company wherever they are. Some RagaMuffins play fetch. Many RagaMuffins like to help you type on your keyboard, and most think they can be of great help when it comes to wrapping gifts. The RagaMuffin wants to be near its people, either sitting in your lap or right next to you. They love to be cuddled and they thrive on attention. Many RagaMuffin cats and RagaMuffin kittens like to give “kitty kisses.” RagaMuffins have a very docile nature, and they are a perfect family pet, getting along well with children and other animals.


RagaMuffins are strictly indoor pets. Cats can live much happier and healthier lives inside. This is even more important with this breed of cat. Because RagaMuffins have been bred for their fabulous personalities they simply do not have the survival instincts to survive in the outdoors.  This is not only true for RagaMuffins, as the statistics show that all cats live longer if kept indoors.  They are not subject to the dangers of being an outdoor cat, like cars and predators.

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RagaMuffin cats are large, muscular, heavy cats that do not reach full maturity until approximately 4 years old. Females can be substantially smaller than males. The look of the body is rectangular, with a broad chest and powerful shoulders supporting a short neck. The RagaMuffin cat often has a fatty pad in the lower abdomen. The head is a broad modified wedge with a rounded forehead and obvious nose dip. There is a puffiness to the whisker pad and the cheeks are full. Large, walnut-shaped eyes give a sweet appearance. The RagaMuffin cat is one of the longhaired cats, with a dense and silky coat, like that of a heavily furred rabbit, and the hair grows longer around the face and neck (a ruff), increases in length toward the stomach, with a wispy frill on the hind legs. Just about all possible colors and patterns are found in the RagaMuffin cat breed allowable. The plush, low maintenance coat resists matting and is easily cared for with a few minutes of combing one to two times a week. The nails should be trimmed periodically. We discourage declawing as this is detrimental to your kitten.

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What is the Difference Between a RagaMuffin Cat and a Ragdoll Cat?

This is a common question and one that many people really do not understand.  The temperament of RagaMuffins and Ragdolls is the same and the cat breeds were both started by Anne Baker.  However, when the founders of the RagaMuffin breed broke away from Anne Baker, they discovered that they needed to bring in new genes to get better diversity in the gene pool.  Up until that time, none of the breeders were allowed to see the pedigrees of the cats they were breeding.

The founders of the RagaMuffin cat breed started by outcrossing to the Persian, using the doll-faced type rather than the flatter faced Persian in order to reinforce the sweet expression that the RagaMuffin is known for.  In addition, they continued to outcross to the Ragdoll.  The use of the Persian brought in much needed genetic diversity, but it also resulted in a distinct difference in the appearance of the RagaMuffin and the Ragdoll breeds.  The RagaMuffin has walnut-shaped eyes and a distinct scoop (not a break like the Persians) to the profile on the nose.  The Ragdoll has almond-shaped eyes and the profile is sloped, rather than the look of the "ice-cream" like scoop of the RagaMuffin.  The forehead of the RagaMuffin is rounded, slightly domed.  The Ragdoll breed has a flatter forehead.  In addition, in CFA, the head space between the ears of the RagaMuffin should not be flat but should be curved.  The RagaMuffin also has a shorter profile than the Ragdoll.  There are no extremes in the RagaMuffin cat breed, except an extremely sweet expression!

Perhaps the most obvious difference between the two cat breeds to pet owners is that RagaMuffins come in just about all colors and patterns available.  The Ragdoll breed made the decision to stay with the beautiful pointed cats with the blue eyes.  Both the RagaMuffin cat breed and the Ragdoll cat breed are gorgeous, wonderful cats to have in your life, but I am a bit prejudiced to RagaMuffins as that was the first "Rag" kitty that owned me!

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