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​​R​agaMuffin Kittens Care

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The subpages in this tab contain some useful information about the care of kittens for RagaMuffin breeders and pet owners, as well as kittens and cats of other breeds.


Kaerik RagaMuffins has done a lot of reading to try to help pet owners in the care of their kitten.  You will find information on how to introduce your kitten to their new home, kitten proofing your home, dangerous chemicals, poisonous plants, diet and nutrition, litter and litter boxes, play time and toys, grooming your kittens, providing suitable scratching surfaces for your kitten, dental care and controlling behavior (well, to the extent we mere humans can actually control a feline's behavior)!


As part of your RagaMuffin kittens or RagaMuffin cats' care, keeping your kitten or cat active is important.  Please see our RagaMuffin Kitten Playtime and Toys Page for more information.

purple ragamuffin paw prints
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