Photos of RagaMuffin Kittens

We get so many fantastic photos of our RagaMuffin kittens from the wonderful people that adopt them. and thought we would share them with everyone.  We also could not resist including a few of our own.

Mischa 4 Ever in our heart
I LUV to eat!!

We get so many fantastic photos of our RagaMuffin kittens from the wonderful people that adopt them, and thought we would share them with everyone.  We also could not resist including a few of our own.

If you have any photos of your Kaerik RagaMuffins Kittens, please email them to me and and I can include them on this page and our Facebook page.

How can you resist these big beautiful eyes?
I get more beautiful every day!
Can you believe these are ALL MY presents?!?!
Curtain Shredder expert and Ladies man!
I can hang out and relax just about anywhere! (Don't tell Mommy, but I LOVE ladders)!
I KNOW it is not my imagination, but I cannot believe what I am looking at!!  Make it go away!!
Sweet and Sassy!
I love when Mommy takes me for walks!
I love my Mommy and she loves me!!
I don't care what anyone says.  I am a dog, not a cat!
Mommy and Daddy think I am very special.....and I am!
Mommy said it was okay if I lay on the table...honest!!  RagaMuffin Kittens are allowed on tables!
Yup, I am as handsome as I look!
I am one lucky dude.  I get to travel between two homes!!
I just love snuggling with my mommy!
Mommy gave me a great present, but I really like the box best!  BTW, I am a Jete daughter, so I am also a "Whackadoodle"!!
I am so big, mommy thinks I may be part mountain lion.  See how good I roar??
Every have one of those really lazy days?
My name now is Nina, but my friends call me Chunky Monkey!
I always get the top bunk!
I am the prettiest ornament on this tree!
I am Mommy's Classic Golden Beauty!
How could anyone say "No" to this face?
I love my family so much!
Being held by my mommy is so relaxing!
I really love my brother!
I love mommy and daddy, but they know I rule the house!
Mommy told me I had a very sweet expression!
I know it's my birthday, but no way I am wearing a party hat!!
The of a kind.
Look at my Peepers!  Hoot!  Hoot! 
We are best buddies and we have a great mommy!
I am super classy and a famous actor from the Too Cute episode!
Gorgeous eyes and Holy Head!!
Need I say more?
They really need to put my photo on cat food ads!  I am the ultimate Princess!
Did you see that??  I think I saw a tweety bird!
My mommy just adores me.  I am her fluff ball!
I know I am gorgeous, but all I really want to do is play, play, play!!
I am Meagan...all grown up and Queen of my home.
Daddy can't ignore me if I sleep here!
Daddy always shares with me!
Yup, I am a Diva and proud of it!
Do you know how annoying it is to be woken up from a catnap?!?
I am extremely creative when it comes to nap time.
I was just looking.....I was not going to drink it...........really.
What's wrong with my pose?  It gets tiring sitting here waiting for moths all night.
I love hanging out in my cat tree on a hot summer day.
RagaMuffin kittens love belly rubs
I light up my Mom and Dad's life.
The RagaMuffin Kitten Flop!
Yeah, so big deal.  I never was impressed with this "show stuff."
I know this big guy just loves me to pieces!!  Just ignore the expression on his face.
Honestly, my eyes REALLY are this blue!  I am gorgeous, right??
I am a daughter of Jete, and therefore one of the very few "Whackadoodles" in existence!
You think Mom will find me in here??
Mommy loves my beautiful blue eyes.
I have made an art form out of relaxing.
My special version of the RagaMuffin Kitten flop!
Mommy knows my favorite color is PURPLE, so she got me this great PURPLE stroller!
I am one of Danae's babies and I got my good looks from my momma Danae!!  I am Spencer and I live with Kirby!
I am Meischa and me and my momma love Christmas!!
I am Chippy from Jolie's last litter and I am Claudia's brother and loved to bits!!!
Mommy thinks I am great and I love living in Canada!!!
Mom and Dad put this together for me.  I am just hanging out waiting for the mouse.
I am a RagaMuffin Kitten and I am so relaxed!
I am so lucky, because I have a great Mommy and Daddy and I get to live with Spencer!!
I am Atlas and I am one of Jolie's babies from her first litter.  My mommy loves me sooooo much!!
I am Claudia from Jolie's last litter and I am spoiled rotten........bit I totally deserve it!!!
Mommy and Daddy LOVE me more every day!  I am a VERY lucky RagaMuffin Kitten
I make Mommy's Heart Pitter Patter!!! 
Chester County, PA
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